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Catskill Mountain Moccasins
is proud to offer these 2 different types of soles to make your moccasins feel and wear exactly the way you want them to.

conveyor belt sole
Conveyer Belt Sole
Conveyer Belt Soles:

Our standard conveyer belt sole is made from polyurethane and has a normal wear expectancy of 5 years. This is the most tactile sole we use. It feels very similar to a leather sole, but with superior traction and durability. If you want a true moccasin feel, this is the sole you want. When the time comes for your moccasins to be resoled, you must send them back to us.

There is no extra charge for this sole.
Resoling costs $149.00 plus shipping

Vibram® Soles

All Vibram® Soles are glued on to a mid-sole which is sewn on to the uppers. These soles can be replaced at any quality shoe repair facility.

Vibram Superflex sole
Vibram® Newflex
Vibram Newflex Sole:   49.00

The Newflex sole is our favorite Vibram sole and has become the only one we care to use unless there is a special need. It has great cushion, traction, flexibility and is long wearing, Vibrram combined many of there soling technologies into this great sole.