Catskill Mountain Moccasins Guide to Leather Care

Your moccasins should be treated as soon as possible and definitely before wearing them in any inclement weather. They should also be treated anytime they begin to feel dry. To clean them periodically we recommend a quality saddle soap. If they have suede on them avoid getting soap or oil on the suede.

Don't use any petroleum, wax or silicone products on your moccasins!
This will choke the leather and shorten their life!!

Your moccasins are machine washable. Once a year or so you should pull out the laces and wools and wash them in the machine in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use "Woolite" or quality castile soap. After they are washed hang them up to dry out of the direct sun. Before completely dry oil them with either Neatsfoot Oil® or Bick4®.

We highly recommend and proudly carry these fine leather care products for the proper cleaning and nourishment of your custom made moccasins. For other care information click here.

Other Care Information

It is important to hand wash your sheepskin liners when they get matted or odiferous. To do this, pull them out by lifting the heel up and walking your fingers under the liner up to the front of the moccasin. Hand wash them in "Woolite" and lay them out to dry. Give them a stretch lengthwise before you lay them down to dry. To put them back in, roll them up (fluffy side up), from the toes to the heel. Place them in your moccasin and roll them back out heel to toe.

Do not machine wash light color mocassins with dark color trims or moccasins with elaborate trims and colors or gemstone buttons. Any doubt? Call us at 845-679-7302

Very Important! When you take off your moccasins make sure that you hang them up to dry so they can breath. Don't leave them in a clump on the floor. Leather has to breath to last a long time.

When your moccasins have beaten the dusty trail or he city streets for a number of years they will need resoling. If your soles are Vibram® soles they can be resoled at any quality shoe repair shop or you can send them to us. If you have conveyer belt soles you must send them to us. This takes about 8-12 weeks and costs $149.00 plus shipping. If we think your moccasins need additional repairs we will contact you for your approval first. All resoles must be paid for before we will ship them back to you. We won't ship them C.O.D. For resoles send your clean moccasins to Catskill Mountain Moccasins.


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