Andrea Crouse, designer of Gaia Conceptions, proudly wears Catskill Mountain Moccasins. Andrea's moccasins as shown below are $1079.00 plus shipping. Her moccasins are a knee-hi (9 or 10 button depending on your height) chocolate buffalo with a kings choice trim, dyed and polished antler buttons with a Vibram sole. All Gaia Conceptions clothing is designed, cut, and dyed by artist Andrea Crouse using certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics. Each creation is hand sewn by Andrea and her helpers Anne, Kate, and Kathy. Your garment is then hand dyed using fiber reactive low impact dyes or natural plant dyes. Please visit Gaia Conceptions to see all of her incredible clothing.

Float Skirt

Muff Mini

Ruffle Butt Skirt

Pencil Short Wool Skirt

Love Me 2 Times Simplicity Fleece Gauchos

Ruffle Butt Mini Skort