Catskill Mountain Moccasins was founded in 1987 in Woodstock, New York by Mark Goldfarb and Diane Genninger and is now a family of dedicated artisans with over 125 years of moccasin making experience between us.

Along with Lynn Collins, we began exhibiting at renaissance festivals and craft fairs throughout the country. With a firm commitment to making extremely high quality footwear, providing exceptional customer service and stressing a family atmosphere and values amongst it's artisans, we started a process of slow and steady growth and are now the most experienced custom footwear company in the United States.

Over the past 11 years other wonderful artisans have joined us in the joy of making the finest footwear available. As you will see some of them were taught through Mark's apprenticeship program and some joined as established footwear designers.

Although we come from varied backgrounds, we have one goal in common... to design, produce and deliver the most comfortable footwear you will ever own!

Mark Goldfarb
Mark Goldfarb

Mark and Diane met at a Grateful Dead concert in California in 1980. Check out the CNN story.. A few months later Mark was apprenticing with a custom moccasin maker and living with Diane in Berkeley. Over the next few years they traversed the country many times in their school bus/studio/home. Diane learned to make footwear from Mark during these early years. After six years on the road they decided to settle down in Woodstock.

After a number of years working with other footwear designers they decided that in order to truly serve their customers they should establish a company that cares as much about their artisans and customers as they do their bottom line. Catskill Mountain Moccasins was born in 1987.

When not running the moccasin business Mark can be found sailing the Hudson River or Long Island sound with family and friends or at some cook-top somewhere creating sumptous meals for those enjoy creative culinary delights.

Diane Genninger (and Lauren)
Diane Genninger

Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins

After purchasing my first pair of custom footwear at the age of 16 I knew that my calling in life was to creat comfortable footwear for other people. I was fortunate to meet and apprentice with several moccasin makers in northern California where I lived at the time, before heading off on my own. Twenty-five years and several thousand moccasins later I am still enjoying my craft and going strong at it. When not making moccasins I enjoy time with my family, riding our horses and exploring the beautiful southern Colorado mountains where we live.

Eric Peterson
Eric M. Peterson is a true Texas boy

Born in Austin and raised in Dallas, Eric's life was largely normal and uneventful until he discovered MOCCASINS! It was love at first sight. As soon as he saw Catskill Mountains' beautiful wares, he had to have a pair of his own. Then he horrified his friends by immediately slicing them up to see how they were made! But he got them back together again, and his apprenticeship had begun. Eric moved from his beloved Texas to Woodstock, NY to learn the craft of moccasin making from Catskill Mountain's founder, Mark Goldfarb. He returned to Texas a master bootmaker and that's where he can be found when he's not travelling to various shows across the country to bring the world's most comfortable custom footwear to everyone!

Suellyn Pena
Suellyn Pena

Living in California I came in contact with the moccasins through a friend who was involved in the selling as well as making them. I purchased my first pair, probably '78' and wondered to what degree could I interpret design in leather...through applique and other techniques...well a move to Aspen in May of 1980, to see what life in the mountains would be like and in clean air, I was able to get a job with my friend and the moccasins makers there. Little did I know it would turn into a life's work, as before in many other jobs, I would take to learn, and eventually move on to something new to learn...but here I am 20 years later, and still love the work I have the priveledge to do, and working with wonderful people through all the years, interpreting their dreams and ideas, as well as my own, into comfortable leather footwear that they will enjoy for many years.